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Makepung, Negara, Jembrana, Bali.

05 April 2021,

 Makepung Lampit is a traditional Balinese water buffalo race, held in Jembrana, West Bali. The word Makepung means "chase" and Lampit is the traditional plow tool used to flatten muddy fields before planting the rice. For racing, the lampit is attached between a pair of massive buffallos with the rider standing on it one hand to hold  balance and the other hand to whip the animals.

As the pandemic has completely stopped all the unecessary gatherings in Bali, all the Makepung events are stopped right now.  We were invited by M. Ade Irgha a talented photographer of the region of Jembrana (Instagram)  who organised a photoshoot for a limited number of photographers.

For a very small fee we were offered an exclusive view at this ancestral Balinese tradition and the benefits were used as donations to the families in need in this difficult times.

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