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Balinese teeth filing.

Metatah tooth filing during wedding ceremony in Kerobokan, Bali.

The religious ritual of cutting teeth or Metatah is one of the rituals that children must go through when they grow up or reach puberty.

As a marker of becoming an adult figure. Sustain responsibilities, leave childhood.

After the teeth were filed, metatah participants were asked to taste six flavors. From bitter and sour, spicy, astringent, salty and sweet. Each of these flavors has a meaning in them. The bitter and sour taste is a symbol to be steadfast in facing a harsh life. Spicy taste as a symbol of anger, always patient when experiencing things that make you angry. "Sepat" as a symbol to obey the rules or norms that apply. The salty taste signifies wisdom while the sweet taste as a marker of a happy life.

It also means the payment of debts by parents to their children because they can eliminate the six bad traits of human beings. In tradition, parents will give advice that leads to become a more mature person.

In the Metatah tradition, Mesanggih or Mepandih pregnant women are not allowed to follow this sacred custom. According to belief, women who are pregnant carry a holy fetus. Meanwhile, during Metatah, a person is in an impure phase or called the cuntaka period.

It looks simple, but the Metatah tradition costs quite a bit of money. As a result, many people delay the traditional process of cutting teeth.

Usually, Metatah is carried out at the same time as the Ngaben ceremony, marriage, and Ngeresi, and is only carried out on certain days for the person concerned.

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