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  A collection of photographs taken between 2018 and 2020 in West Denpasar following Balinese cockfights held for entertainment purposes.

Popularly known as tajen, cockfighting is a tradition that goes back centuries.


  In Trunyan village, the habitants follow a different ritual than in the rest of the island, the bodies are not cremated but left to rot without being buried.

DSC_0978 copy.jpg

  Makepung Lampit is a traditional Balinese water buffalo race, held in Jembrana, West Bali. The word Makepung means "chase" and Lampit is the traditional plow tool used to flatten muddy fields before planting the rice. For racing, the lampit is attached between a pair of massive buffallos with the rider standing on it one hand to hold  balance and the other hand to whip the animals.


  Documenting the ornate ceilings of the many churches of Rome. Capturing the overwhelming details and intense colour scope with HDR photographic techniques, Pagano's images transport viewers straight into the spiritual halls of these Roman cathedrals.

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