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Published on My Modern Met, November 2015:

"French architect and photographer Florian Pagano spent his honeymoon on an architectural pilgrimage documenting the ornate ceilings of the many churches of Rome. Capturing the overwhelming details and intense colour scope with HDR photographic techniques, Pagano's images transport viewers straight into the spiritual halls of these Roman cathedrals.

The talented artist currently resides in Bali, Indonesia, and has been balancing an architecture career with photography projects on the side, since 2010. His images showcase the immense size of these sacred places while highlighting their ornate shading and deep colours, returning focus to the amazing artwork within the dark halls. The collection draws attention to the extensive human effort that went into these relics. Through his photography, Pagano forces the viewer to gaze upwards, soaking up the powerful, artistic atmosphere of these holy buildings."

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